Trends come and go but perfect eyebrows will forever be a staple in beauty. A well-shaped eyebrow, when executed correctly can transform your daily makeup routine into a work of art. However, taking the time every day to create the perfect brow can be daunting and overly time-consuming.… And let’s face it… by the looks of some of the brows out there on the streets…there are a lot of ladies out there that could use some more honest friends… just saying. This is where Permanent Makeup can transform your life. I can create your dream eyebrows that are sweat proof smudge proof and waterproof!! You get to wake up with these gorgeous brows every single day. What will you do every morning with all of the time that you are saving? Another leisurely cup of joe?

Which brow is right for you?

Micro blading versus powder brows

There are many names for microblading … micro feathering ..micro pigmentation …3-D brows etc. Basically, this procedure is a tattoo process in which a manual tool is used to create tiny tattoos that resemble hairs. I can adjust the thickness to match your current hairs to create a very natural look. We can make them as subtle or as fluffy as you want!! To create Powder brows I use a small machine to create a powder Filled look that you would create with makeup. I can create a pixelated look to mimic A light to heavy powdered in look. Both techniques can have a very natural appearance. we will just determine what you want your end result to look like and create the perfect brow for you.